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Lombok Tours

Posted: 1489 days ago

My husband and I would like to sincerely thank Lombok Network especially Pak Suja and Pak Amri for the awesome tour in Lombok. This is the best and privileged treatment we received for our honeymoon. We very much enjoyed their presence and assistance and they constantly kept us updated of any changes, always entertaining us and most importantly took care of our well-being. We also appreciate the flexibility of time that was given to us.

Pak Suja is very dedicated in carrying out his responsibilites and tried his best to cater to our requests. He is also a very patient guide especially when I had difficulties getting down the Pergasingan mountain during the trekking activity. As a first-time snorkeller, I felt very scared being in the sea water but Pak Suja is full of encouragement and wasn't forceful. Finally, I managed to overcome the fear. In addition, Pak Suja was constantly helping us taking photos so that we are able bring them home as memories. In fact, it was really nice of him to carry our bags during trekking and we really appreciate that.

On the other hand, Pak Amri is a fantastic and skillful driver. Fast & furious as it seemed but always keeping us safe on road. He took care of us together with another temporary guide, Pak Hendra, when Pak Suja was unable to follow us on Day 4. Both suggested to a few great places for us to visit and ushered us wherever we go just so we were safe. Very good company we had on this day!

There wasn't a time that we feel uncomfortable or out of place in Lombok. There was always laughter in the car at every moment of the tour! We felt very safe and enjoyed every moment of our honeymoon, all thanks to these people mentioned above. Great work and we wish Lombok Network to be always successful!

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